Ibiza Daytime Activities: Top 9 Water & Adventure Sports

Ibiza Daytime Activities

The way some Ibiza-goers act, you’d think they didn’t know the island is one of the hottest beachside resorts in Europe! Parties aside, there are reams of things to do during the day and if nothing else, a bit of fresh air and movement will help blast that hangover out of your system.

Don’t be that person that sleeps in all day and only goes out at night – Ibiza has so much more to offer. Check out our top 9 Ibiza activities for the daytime thrill-seekers amongst you:

Ocean Mania

1. Ocean Mania Water Wipeout

Ocean Mania Ibiza Cost: €

New to the island just last year, Ocean Mania is the newest and hottest activity on the island. Influenced by the classic TV show ‘Total Wipeout’, Ocean Beach have created this floating playground just across from them in San Antonio Bay.

The 7,000 square foot water wipeout course boasts mini mountains, walls, trampolines and swing ropes for you to scale and climb for a fun 45 minute day time activity. Although you have are assembled with life jackets being able to swim is actually integral as you have to reach the floating assault course 50 meters off the bay.

Grab your €15 Ocean Mania ticket from us here, which includes 45 minutes of fun, a drink and slice of pizza. Available 11am till 8pm June to the end of September.


Flyboarding Ibiza

2. Flyboarding

Ibiza Flyboarding Cost: €€€

For an unforgettable experience you’ve have to try the new extreme water-sports technology that is  fly boarding. Feel the exhilaration as you are blasted into the air by jet propellers as you fly high above the ocean. This easy to learn activity asks you to guide yourself with your balance and weight offering a truly unique water sports experience!


3. Mamboats

Ibiza Mamboats Cost: €€€

Everyone knows that the Ibiza sunset is one of the best in the world so you obviously want to know where is the best place to watch it right? On board a Mamboat is the answer . Luxurious AND affordable Mamboats tailor-make the perfect excursion for you.

The boats accommodate up to ten guests who can spend the day enjoying some thrilling water sport activities or a relaxed cruise to the beautiful island of Formentera. With full use of the impressive sound system and €100 to spend on your favourite beverage you are set for exciting day in the sun!

Quadbikes Ibiza

4. Quadbikes

Ibiza Quadbike Cost: €€

If you haven’t been yet, Ibiza is probably bigger than you think and there is A LOT to see. What better way to discover all the island has to offer than on a quad bike? Explore the hidden beaches of the island and check out the legendary Es Vedra – the sights are incredible! If you’re feeling brave, why not take it to the top of the highest mountain in Ibiza?  Check out Turbo Rent-A-Car for more information.

Pedalo Ibiza

5. Pedalos

Ibiza Pedalo Cost: €

When you’re sitting in the middle of the sea enjoying a few beers with your mates as the sun goes down, you won’t regret renting a pedalo. Many Ibiza beaches offer pedalos for you to ride out into the Mediterranean Sea- great for when you’re feeling too fragile to do any of the more intense activities.


6. Parasailing

Ibiza Parasailing Cost: €

Hop on board a super-fast speed boat followed by an unforgettable paragliding flight. Glide blissfully up to 400 meters in the air with a birds eye view of the beautiful islands mountain scape, wildlife and stunning beaches. This activity is available from 10:00 till 23:00h every day from May to October – we recommend Take Off Ibiza.

Take off Ibiza

7. Jet boat 360º

Ibiza Jet Boat Cost: €€

For thrill seekers only, the Jet boat 360 isn’t for the faint hearted. Take Off Ibiza’s super fast jet boat was carefully designed to endure some impressive stunts such as wave jumping, 180° – 360° spins and power brake stops.

This alongside its pumping sound system make it Ibiza’s one and only stunt boat so do be careful of its fake impersonators! Available from 10:00 till 23:00h, every day from May to October.

Speed Boat Ibiza

8. Speed Boat Trip

Ibiza Speed Boat Cost: €€

Explore Ibiza’s crystal clear waters in true style. Take Off Ibiza will show you the islands beautiful hidden caves whilst ensuring you have plenty of opportunities to sunbathe, swim or snorkel- or all three! Included in this deal is the opportunity to ride the super fast ‘Seabob’, zooming over and under the ocean at crazy speed.

As well as the ‘Sea Jet’ which offers a fast underwater experience with music and drinks provided throughout your 2 hour cruise. It’s available from 10:00 till 23:00h every day from when the season starts until early October, weather permitting.


Sling Shot Ibiza

9. Slingshot Ride

Ibiza Slingshot Cost: €€

Experience an adrenalin rush like no other on the Slingshot Ibiza ride. Be prepared for this giant catapult to hurl you in the air at 160km per hour with 6G of acceleration. A must-do for you adrenaline-seekers visiting the island.

You cant miss the twin neon-lit towers in San Antonio located right in front of Es Paradis and is open during the season from midday until the early morning hours. Warning: this is not advisable after a night of many cheap drinks in the West End. (We learnt the hard way.)


To enjoy all of these with hundreds of likeminded people, join us in the White Isle on the number one party holiday experience Together Week Ibiza this Summer.