When is the best time to go to Magaluf?

Magaluf Best Time To Go

So you ask us, When exactly is the best time to go to Magaluf?

The best time to go to Magaluf is very much dependant on you! Your budget, your time off that you and your friends have, and if you like incredibly hot weather or can’t handle it too roasting. Below we delve into each month so you can find out exactly when is the best time to get over to Mallorca for your biggest summer yet.

Best Time To Go Magaluf

Magaluf in May & June:

Average temperature in Magaluf May 2015: 26°C

The start of the Magaluf season – workers will be flying out late April, early May and bars start opening their doors.

This is an extremely popular time with stag and hen parties due to the low cost of the hotels, and also you can grab yourself a seriously cheap bargain with flight prices being their lowest in these two months.

May & June is busy, and you can expect to be going full steam when visit Magaluf during this time, and potentially saving yourself a bit of cash on the flights and hotel.

May and June Magaluf

Magaluf in July

Average temperature in Ibiza July 2015: 28°C

July, the peak of the Magaluf season. Expect it to be full on packed and rammed in bars and clubs from around UK school closings in the middle of July.

A lot of school leavers will be hitting Magaluf around this time, so expect the crowds to be more skewed between 18 and 21 than the older stag/hen crowds you would of seen earlier in the summer.

The weather also starts to heat up by a couple of degrees – so make sure you’ve packed that sunscreen before hitting the beaches, and don’t forget to put your towel down at the beds early to claim your spot!

July Magaluf

Magaluf in August

Average temperature in Ibiza August 2015: 30°C

The hottest time in Magaluf by far – but also the one full of mostly families. A great time to go to Magaluf to top up your tan before the summer ends, where you will find it still extremely busy!

One thing to note is that because families plus revellers are hitting Magaluf in August at the same time the flight prices are at their highest. Avoid this month if you’re looking for cheap flights or hotel rooms – it’s not going to happen!

Magaluf Temperature - when to go

Magaluf in September: Season Closing

Average temperature in Magaluf September 2015: 25°C

One of the coolest months of the summer but still hot – September is a great time to go if you want to find cheap flights. Note that in September you’ll probably find it busy but there will definitely be more space at the beach and around the pool.

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