Best Time To Go To Ibiza: When Should You Visit in 2017?

best time to visit ibiza

We often get asked ‘When is the best time to go to Ibiza?’ and whilst we think Ibiza is ALWAYS a good idea, it can help to know which month will suit you best.

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The truth is that they aren’t really THAT different, and we don’t think you’re ever going to be feeling cold in Ibiza this Summer, but we want to help you find the time of the season that is perfect for you

The worlds best clubs, white sand beaches and unforgettable parties are calling your name! Here’s what each month of the Ibiza Summer season has to offer:

Ibiza in June

Ibiza in June: Opening Parties

Average temperature in Ibiza June 2017: 29°C

The island has really heated up in June as the opening parties began at the end of May through to the middle of June. The Balearic sun is blasting and more bearable than the high temperatures of peak season. 

Although June still has MORE than enough going on, it’s not crazily busy, so you’ll have more room to throw those shapes and grab a drink at the bar.

Booking Ibiza in June will snag you great flight deals before they skyrocket over the the middle of summer. Save that precious cash by beating the crowds without sacrificing any of the party! 

The Ibiza Opening Parties in June are when the islands clubbing brands bring in the heavyweights to get an early start as top spot of the season. 

Each year, the competition between clubs get more and more fierce so get ready for incredible lineups, lights, lasers and fresh-faced ravers. So expect to go to some of the biggest parties in June.

Ibiza in July

Ibiza in July

Average temperature in Ibiza July 2017: 30°C

Come July, the island is full of people. The season’s most anticipated nights are in full swing, the sun is blazing and the beaches are busy with party people from around the world.

July in Ibiza is a popular time for many as students are done for Summer and people are in full Summer holiday mode.

Flights and hotel prices are a little higher as a result but you will be able to make full use of temperatures pushing on thirty. Don’t forget to pack that sunscreen!

Ibiza in June

Ibiza in August

Average temperature in Ibiza August 2017: 30°C

Early August is usually the peak of the Summer and often the hottest time in Ibiza. The White Isle is teeming with tanned ravers and the atmosphere is electric as all the bars and clubs are in their element for the Summer season. 

The temperature is at its highest so you’ll be sure to make the most out of the amazing beach clubs, huge variety of pools and long summer nights.

One of the major highlights of Ibiza in August is is when BBC Radio 1 arrives which is without a doubt one of the biggest events on the White Isle and is usually considered to be the peak of the season. 

Always taking place on the first weekend of August, BBC Radio 1 take over the Ushuaia Beach Hotel with the hottest DJ sets in the stunning venue – however this is the most expensive time to come to Ibiza, and although we do love it, we prefer the other months to the start of the August as you get a better deal and it’s not crowded which can become irritating. 

Sunset and friends

Ibiza in September: Closing Parties

Average temperature in Ibiza September 2017: 29°C

If you want to experience the climactic Ibiza closing parties, then September is the month for you. By avoiding the peak times of July and August, you’ll miss the heaving throngs and are left with Ibiza veterans and dedicated music heads.

As the season draws to a close, every person, beach, boat, bar and super club picks up the momentum for the biggest blowout of the year.

This is a real celebration of the past few incredible months on the White Isle and it’s still very hot – don’t let others tell you otherwise! You will probably appreciate the cooler temperatures when you’re partying throughout those final Summer days.

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