Ibiza Closing Parties 2017



Together Amenesia

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Come September, and thousands of revellers from different corners of globe flock to Ibiza.

Doesn’t seem like a popular time to holiday does it?

So why is this “end-of-summer-month” in Ibiza so popular for party-goers?

Closing parties of course.

So, what is all the hype about?

What is so great about closing parties then? Well, we cannot deny that whenever you visit the White Isle, whether is be June, July, August, September or even October you’re guaranteed to have a sick time – but there’s something special about closing parties.

The first thing that comes to mind, is the indescribably magical atmosphere that simply cannot be found elsewhere. A union of people who share a mutual love for music and Ibiza, all coming together for one last time to celebrate yet another incredible season.

And it’s not just the infectious atmosphere that will leave you smiling ear-to-ear for months after, but the people. You won’t find a better crowd of people than that at a closing party in Ibiza. Workers who have been on the island for months celebrate what has been an unreal summer, party-goers from all over the globe – they all have one thing in common, they are here to give the season a send off it deserves, not to mention a mutual respect for the music, and one another! No bad vibes!

Whether you’ve found yourself booking Ibiza in September following an earlier trip to Ibiza, or it’ll be your first visit this season, you’re guaranteed to have an absolute ball.

Closing parties are that one last blow-out for a lot of people, summer is coming to an end, and by the time closing parties are done, Autumn is in full swing at home (especially those living in the UK). Not something we want to go back to – the cold, the rain and the beginning of Winter Blues. Which is why closing parties are so popular, it is one last chance to relive summer, and postpone those Winter Blues just a little bit longer before returning to “normality”.

And, finally, one of the biggest reason for the Closing Parties hype is the DJS! Lots of them! And the best that Ibiza can muster. Honestly.

To many DJs, Ibiza is where it all started, where their passion for music began, so not only is it a privilege to play at any of Ibiza’s infamous closing parties, but they of course share a special love for the island and its music, and so giving the 2017 season a send off it deserves is top of their list this summer!

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Sankeys Ibiza

When do Closing Parties happen?

Closing parties commence from the first week in September, with events such as Abode at Sankeys, Armin Van Buuren at HI, and Mansion at Eden.

Followed by the major club closing parties towards the end of the month, which are really should not to be missed. One of the most popular is Together at Amnesia closing party, which has a reputation for going on until the sun shines through the terrace roof.

Believe it or not closing parties go on until the middle of October! And by no means are the parties any less energetic because of the time of year – in many ways they are busier.

So, to make the most out of this year’s closing parties, your best bet is to visit anywhere in between the first week in September and second week in October.

September though?

  1. 1. Don’t be fooled by what you may have heard, September is actually the perfect time to visit Ibiza. And here’s why:
  • 2. It is closing party season (if you didn’t already know)!
  1. 3. Ibiza is still hot in September! Expect temperatures of 25 degrees by day – optimum tanning opportunities.
  2. 4. People may worry that Ibiza won’t be busy in September. But it’s Ibiza, it’s going to be busy no matter what, that’s a given. The benefit of visiting in September is that it’s not peak season, and so, whilst it’s still busy, you will have plenty of room to throw a few shapes!
  3. 5. Booking a trip to Ibiza in September is considerably cheaper than booking in July or August. Summer holidays are over which makes accommodation prices less competitive and flights super cheap. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much you could save!

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(simply choose any September date – there are 3 to choose from, when booking)