Ibiza: How much spending money do I REALLY need to take?

Ibiza Spending Guide

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One of the most frequent questions we get each year is “I’m going to Ibiza, how much money should I take?”. It’s that naggling worry at the back of your mind and you don’t want funds to ruin your holiday, but it’s a fundamental topic when trying to survive abroad. Whether you’re planning to live it up, or wanting to stick to a tight budget – we’ve been there.

From rags to riches, we’ve all made the rookie mistakes and wasted money accidentally, so here’s our guide to help you save a little and enjoy Ibiza to its full potential this year.

Ibiza Spending Money

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Ibiza Club Prices

If you’ve made the excellent choice of booking yourself on to Together Week Ibiza, you already have entry to Amnesia, Ocean Beach Clubs, Sankeys, Boat Parties, plus more!

By booking Together Week, we’ve already got your day and night itinerary sorted for you so you can splurge a little on the extras outside of just getting into clubs – and just so you know…

The better Ibiza club nights (which are included in Together Week), the ones you’ll want to be going to, start from around €45 for your stalwart house and techno nights, then up to €60 in peak season (July & August) or even €80 if you want to see the likes of David Guetta and co, for example.

You can save by buying your tickets well in advance to avoid extortionate prices. The last thing you want to do is turn up on island with your spending money and then get ripped off.

In Together Week, if the three trips to superclubs, a sunset boat party and more is still is not enough for you, there’s always the option to purchase add-ons but we advise you buy these before you fly in order to get your finances in order.

If you want to add extra clubs or events on Together Week you can purchase extra tickets at our exclusive discounted price of £15-£35 depending on what night and what club you choose.

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If you’re looking for an event we can’t sort out for you, always buy tickets from the hotel ticket stands to avoid exaggerated prices on the door.

Just let one of Together Week host team know and they point you in the right direction.

Ibiza Drink Prices

Ibiza Drink Prices

Drink prices in clubs like Space, Ushuaia and Amnesia range from €12 (£8) anywhere up to €18 (£13) for a double vodka and mixer. The measures are huge in Ibiza – you don’t need many drinks at all compared to at home.

Bottles of water are generally €8 (£5.50) to €12 (£8). If you’re intent on going out to pre-drink, we advise going to the West End where you can get beers and vodka mixers for as little as €5.

The smarter option is to drink at home before you go out – read our guide on how to do Ibiza on the cheap.

You can buy a litre of Spanish vodka for around €10, pre-drink prior to whatever event you’re going to and you’ll be sorted. You can always save half for the next day and make your budget stretch even further.

Ibiza Spending Money

Ibiza Food Cost

You can’t survive on crisps. If you’re staying in Hotel Tropical for Together Week Ibiza, you get breakfast (which is probably the best 3* hotel breakfast on the island) included everyday of your stay!

You can also upgrade to include dinner every evening for an extra charge. For those of you staying in self-catering apartments like Jet Apartments, group together and take it in turns to cook a decent meal each night.

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If you’re not much of a cook, be sure to check out some of the local restaurants Ibiza has to offer if you want authentic Spanish food. Our favourite restaurant is David’s, a family-run Italian in San Antonio where you can get five courses for €17 (£12).

Keep an eye out for our “Together’s Top Ibiza Restaurants for 2016″ post for our guide to those hidden gems and favourite places we love to be wined and dined at.

Ibiza Spending Money

Ibiza Transport Cost

Buses: These are your best friends. They’re easy to hop on, incredibly cheap and they can take you to just about anywhere in the island. Network buses run from 6:30am until 12:30am.

Disco Buses: When the normal buses are off, use a disco bus. They generally run from midnight until 6:30am, with earlier buses going from 5pm in San Antonio straight to Ushuaia. They cost upwards of €3.50 per ride.

On Together Week we provide you with access to buses for the whole week for just €24 (£17.50).

Rental cars: Shop around online before you fly, otherwise you’ll get ripped off at the airport. By doing a quick search on you can get a rental car from as little as £10.91 a day, split this between a group of four and you’re paying virtually nothing for travel.

You will have to pay for fuel though, and have a trusted driver who knows where they’re going. And obviously, one of you will need to be designated driver if you’re heading to the clubs using the car, we suggest using the car only during the day time and using public transfer, shuttle or taxi’s in the evenings.

Ibiza Spending Money

Extra Holiday Costs

Obviously, you’ll want to have a bit of extra money spare because you’ll want souvenirs, money for boat parties and what not. 

When you book onto Together Week trip you have access to our 3 hour exclusive sunset boat party for free! Which is definitely an experience you don’t want to miss as you set sail around the Ibiza seas.

Otherwise, a boat party can cost around €40 – €70 and around €6 or €7 for a beer or a vodka mixer at the onboard bar. You’ll also need to hunt down a ticket to the best boat parties, which can be hit and miss.

Sunbeds at the Hotel Tropical and Ibiza Rocks pools are free (!) but at Jet Apartments cost around €10-12 for a day and includes a parasol which can all add up if you’re at the pool there daily, but you’ll probably want both unless you have ironhide skin.

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Remember to factor in money for souvenirs, towels, merch, and other entertainment like the famous bungee ball and watersports attractions like jet ski’s.


Whether you’ll be bordering poverty in Ibiza or throwing the hundreds, we want you to have the best possible experience of your time on the island. We all want to have fun, but it’s important to keep an eye on finances and budgets whilst you’re away.

Here’s our rough guide to three different budget guides you may want to stick to…

Ibiza Spending Money

£50 (€70) a day budget – The Ibiza Saver

Realistically, this isn’t going to be as straightforward as it sounds, but if you’re smart with money and set yourself a limit each day there’s no reason why money should stop you from having an incredible holiday. Don’t take all your cash or card out with you, this’ll only just give you an opportunity to blow your weeks budget in a night and end up crying the following morning.

Eating out to you means sitting on the beach with a €2 slice of pizza, a cheap Spanish beer and a group of your mates watching the sun go down. The Ibiza diet didn’t stop when you reached the island, but to be perfectly honest, food is going to be the last thing on your mind.

A favourite dinner choice of ours last year was a baguette from Spar, some mozzarella slices and Parma ham. Washed down with a litre of water, it took less than €5 out of our budget for the day and left more money to spend on partying.

Fill your days with free activities, it’s not a necessity to hire a speedboat when you can go cliff diving for free. Plus a towel on the sand doesn’t cost a thing, so you can skip on beach-side sun beds. Let’s face it, on this budget you won’t even be looking at the drinks menu in Space let alone ordering anything.

Just make sure you’re buying water in clubs, no matter what the price, to stay as safe as possible when in Ibiza. A bottle of water may range up to €12 (£8), but it’s certainly cheaper than a €300 trip to hospital (or even more in a private clinic).

  • €20 food
  • €10 pre-drinking alcohol
  • €30 to spend in a club/at a meal
  • €10 for bus travel (€0 if you have shuttle pass on Together Week)

Ibiza Spending Money

£100 (€135) a day budget – The Sensible Ibicenco

The average daily budget for most people, you were sensible prior to the holiday and you knew that cutting out a few heavy nights out at home would result in more money for Ibiza! By still sticking to a cheaper budget for pre-drinks and food, you’re leaving yourself with more money to enjoy the finer things in life – aka alcohol and partying.

On this budget, you can go for a nice meal with your friends two or three times during the week, before pre-drinking on €15 and taking a little extra out with you. This budget guide also leaves you with an extra €20 each night to either save or spend on some ‘miscellaneous items’.

  • €25 food
  • €15 pre-drinking alcohol
  • €65 to spend in a club/at a meal
  • €10 for bus travel  (€0 if you have shuttle pass on Together Week)
  • €20 misc

Ibiza Spending Money

£120 (€190) a day budget – The Ibiza Spender

Welcome to the life of luxury. You’re not quite up for a £2,000 meal at Ushuaia but you’re certainly getting there. Bali beds on Bora Bora Beach are €250 to rent, no drinks included, so if you’re looking to buy a bottle somewhere we advise either at the Jet Pool Party or at our trip to Ocean Beach which is included in Together Week. This is the ideal budget if you really want to enjoy yourself, bearing in mind Together Week is five nights long so you could cover yourself with around £600 for the week and still probably come home with money.

This is the ultimate Ibiza fund, you can go for meals with your friends, rent VIP beds at pool parties, take trips into Ibiza town to go shopping and even buy yourself some decent imported vodka. Leaving €40 over for ‘miscellaneous’ you’re giving yourself the option to splurge a little more, or save it up until the end of the week and have a massive blowout with your mates.

  • €40 food
  • €80 to spend in a club/at a meal
  • €20 pre-drinking alcohol
  • €10 for bus travel
  • €40 misc

Believe us when we say Ibiza doesn’t have to break the bank and one of the best ways to save money on your Ibiza holiday is to book with Together Week, the number one Ibiza party holiday.

Not only does Together Week Ibiza start from just £199 and only a £99 deposit  but we can offer you additional add-ons and extras as well all while having the opportunity to party with hundreds of like-minded Together Weekers. What are you waiting for?

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