Student Holidays: Packages, Saving Tips, Discounts & Destinations

Student? Need to find a spot to have the time of your life this year? You’ve made it.

Scroll down for all to find out the best destinations, saving tips & more for the ultimate summer 2017 student escape.

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Being at university holds many, many benefits. The best being the non-stop partying and living with all your mates. The biggest responsibility you have is to at least try and turn up for a few lectures a week. It also holds the great opportunity of that long summer that not all of you make the most out of.

We’re here to make sure you make fully utilise this precious time. We’re here to keep you in the know with the hottest holiday destinations, advice on how to save money as well as information on jobs and discounts.

You’ve got three months off for summer, exciting new friends to make across the world and the least responsibility you’re ever going to have – lets do this!


Now you know you want to get away, drink too much and come back bronzed but where would the perfect holiday destination be for you? We’ve carefully selected three contrasting European party destinations for you to choose from, that we are sure will make this holiday the party of your life.


If you want the original party holiday experience, it has to be Ibiza. For decades Ibiza has been known as the ultimate party holiday destination but it’s incorrectly ruled off as too expensive for students! We’re changing that.

We’ve been taking people to the White Isle for years and for the ultimate student party experience check out Together Week Ibiza from just £199 (with £99 deposit) which includes your hotel & events all week.

(NOTE: Heard Ibiza is a bit expensive? Don’t worry, check out our Ibiza Spending Money Guide to get everything you need to know and how to do Ibiza on a budget)

Join us and hundreds of other like-minded people for the number one party experience this summer. We’ve teamed up with some of the islands biggest names to design the best Ibiza party experience- especially for students!

The days are filled with beach club and pool parties to keep you busy til nightfall and you’ll get to experience the infamous Tribe boat party . With entry to the award-winning, record-breaking, jaw-dropping nightclubs that Ibiza like Amnesia, Sankeys, Ocean Beach Club + more!

Student Holidays Mallorca


The long beaches and wild nightlight of Magaluf have long made Mallorca one of the most popular among the balearic islands. If partying on the beach by day and causing havoc up the strip at night is what your looking for, Together Week Mallorca is the place for you. 

We have carefully curated our Magaluf Itinerary full of the hottest clubs, parties and a three hour sunset boat party exclusive to Together. Party with your mates with cheap drinks, fancy dress, water parks, 3 bar crawls, 2 BCM parties, daily pool parties and huge club takeovers. It is set to be the biggest week in Magaluf this year.

Check out Together Week Magaluf Hotel + Events packages from £245, with just a £99 deposit.

(NOTE: Magaluf is cheaper than Ibiza. Check out our Magaluf Spending Money Guide and get everything you need to know about Magaluf 2017).


Zante has been a popular party destination for holiday-goers and students for many years, and is only becoming increasingly popular each year. Not only is the Greek island genuinely beautiful, but is home to party town Laganas where all festivities, parties and mischief takes place.

Zante is the perfect party destination, not only can it be done on the cheap, year after year is does not disappoint in serving thousands of revellers a holiday of a lifetime!

Together Week Zante has organised only the hottest events and parties for 2017, including secret beach parties, a sunset boat party, 3 superclubs, water sports, bar crawls, beach clubs, + more!

Hotel + Events packages for Together Week Zante start at £199 (Deposits start at £99pp)

Zante is a place where you can get a bang for your buck, check out our Zante Spending Money Guide to see how!



The essence of everything lavish, and VIP. Marbella is known for its celebrity hotspot status, and luxury vibes, but is also a party holidays destinations that can easily be done on a budget!

Together Week Marbella allows you to live it up in some of Marbella’s hottest nightclubs, beach clubs, boat party, and even a secret villa party!

As always Together Week will sort your hotel and events for you, so let’s talk spending money. Marbella can be done on the cheap, drinks prices tend to be cheaper than those in Ibiza, but you will need to budget more for Marbella than for Magaluf or Zante!

Grab Hotel + Events packages for Together Week Marbella start at £299 (Deposits start at £99pp)


At University we understand the temptation to spend is everywhere. Theres no doubt how hard it is to save money when you’re stuck in your everyday routine and your holiday seems a million years away. It may not be fun but you should save some cash whilst at home! Think of all those extra drinks you’ll be sipping when partying on the rooftops of Marbella or chilling on the beach in Ibiza.

Before You Go:

– We know the process of opening an online savings account seems like the most boring thing in the world but once you have it we promise it will make a difference. If you do some cutting down on your excess spending (i.e all those coffees) and put what you’re saving straight into the savings account you’ll be surprised at how much you can save. 

    • – Plan your meals in advance. What your mum would tell you to do. Come on, it’s not that hard!

– Hopefully you should already be making the most out of the long list of student discount websites dedicated to students and the numerous student cards available to you. A quick flash of your student card at the till and you’ll be reaping the benefits. You can save some serious money with student discount websites, UNIDAYS offer 10% off some seriously good brands!

– Student budgeting apps can help you stay on the right track with your savings. Tom’s Guide lists the top 10 so get to app store now. 

Now you know how to save some extra cash before you fly, here are some of our top tips for saving during your long-awaited holiday.

Whilst you’re away:

– Club entry can be a huge expense whilst you’re away. With Together Week, we sort out your club tickets, meaning you wont have to fork out extra money for all those nights you’re dying to go to. Our packages also include tickets for boat parties and daytime events. You’d only be paying double the price for these if you bought when you’re out there.

– Don’t forget to check out either one of our FREE guides for IbizaZante, Marbella or Magaluf – so many tips in there on how to save money.

    • – As a student, you don’t need to be told how to predrink. Supermarket alcohol in countries like Ibiza, Mallorca, Marbella and Zante are roughly a third cheaper than it is here in the UK so get drinking. 
  • – Book your transport in advance! If hiring a car you will save by booking this beforehand and it will be the same with buses and coaches. 


We’ve all been there at uni, when you’re making the tough decision whether the food shop is more important than going out this week, so we want to ensure that you are spending as little as you can. Cheap student holidays don’t have to be a let down. 

Escape the spiralling costs of independent booking and find a package deal that suits you. This way everything you need to make your holiday complete, hotels and club tickets are included and all you have left to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your well deserved break.

To get the most out of a package holiday, you have to buy from the people that know. Thats where we come in. Search around our Together Week destinations to see where you could be heading!


Finding a job whilst on holiday not only allows you to earn some extra money but also stay out in paradise for longer. It’s a great way to meet some of the community and have less of a touristic experience. You never know who you could meet that would show you the secret beaches and get you into the private parties you’d only dream of getting into.

It can be pretty hard to get a job abroad but if you need to make sure you prepare with everything you need to work a season in Ibiza or Magaluf.

It might be hard to believe but living, working and playing in Ibiza or Magaluf alongside hundreds of like-minded students DOES count as work. No doubt you’ll welcome palm trees, crystal seas and glorious beach bars into your life without much trouble.

At Together Week we’ve been showing people the most memorable Ibiza party holiday experiences since 2011. Join us; do something life-changing this Summer set yourself up for a worker’s season in Ibiza and NEVER. LOOK. BACK.

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